Houston Income Properties

5 Reasons to Choose Vestpro Residential Services to Manage Your Houston Income Properties

Houston Income Properties

By Vestpro Residential Services

In 2015 owning income property is one of the best things you can do to start building wealth but managing Houston Income Properties can also be time consuming, especially if you own one or more properties.

This is where Vestpro comes in, we specialize in property management and can help you to effectively manage your income properties so you can focus on growing your property portfolio with the following services we can offer you:

Set the Right Correct Rates for Your Rentals

One of the biggest problems many property owners face is setting the incorrect rates for their Houston Income Properties.

We are your biggest asset in this area thanks to our market research, which will guarantee that we rent your properties for the right rates, insuring you have the right balance between stable monthly income and super low vacancy rate.

Collect Your Rent on Time

Another area where we will be an asset to your Houston Income Property portfolio is rent collection.

Over the years we’ve developed the right internal systems which will insure that your rent is collected on time every single month and deposited into your account or mailed to you.

Effective Property Marketing

As you grow your portfolio of properties you will find that one of the most time consuming duties is marketing a home, plex or property when you have a vacancy.

Vestpro has solved this problem for you. Effective property marketing is another of our biggest assets which will save you the time and hassle of property marketing yourself.

Choose the Right Tenants for Your Properties

Last of all, but most important, at Vestpro we will choose the right tenants for your properties by performing the following tasks including: credit check, income verification and reference checks so you don’t have to.

Let Vestpro Manage Your Houston Income Properties

For more information on the property management services we can offer you for your Houston Income Properties contact Vestpro Residential Servies today by calling us at (832) 498-0016 or click here to contact us through our website.

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