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Are Landlords Required to Provide Air Conditioning in Texas?

Every year, one of the top questions that most renters and owners have in the state of Texas are required by law to provide air conditioning in their rental properties?

This is an understandable question to ask because, with temperatures across Texas reaching into the triple digits it’s not uncommon for every renter to be looking for properties that have air conditioning for the obvious reason that the tenant does not want to be putting themselves in danger by being in a hot rental property during the summer.

Landlords Are Not Legally Required to Provide Air Conditioning

What most landlords and tenants don’t know is that landlords in the state of Texas are not legally required to provide air conditioning in their rental properties.

A landlord’s first and foremost responsibility is to provide a rental property that’s in a habitable condition. This means that the rental property has to have to include electricity, running water, be clean, sanitary, a roof that doesn’t leak and most important of all the rental property should be safe and secure for the tenants to live in.

Most Landlords Offer Air Conditioning in Their Rentals

If a landlord has provided their tenant with a habitable rental property, they can legally move forward knowing that they provided their tenant with a great place to live but, in Texas, it’s not uncommon for the average landlord to provide air conditioning with their rental properties by default.

In Texas, most landlords also live in Texas so if you ask any landlord if they would rather live in rental property that does not have air conditioning versus rental that has refrigerated air, they will tell you without a doubt that they would choose to live in a rental property with air conditioning any day of the week.

Air conditioning in Texas is something that just about everybody relies upon like running water or electricity.

Just about every landlord in the state of Texas includes air conditioning in their rental property because they know that it’s a smart investment for them to make that will also help their property to be more appealing to tenants.

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