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How often should your Houston TX rental property be inspected?

If you’re like most owners you’ve probably wondered how often should you have your Houston TX rental property inspected. Inspections are needed to find faults like broken roof tiles and mean you can contact the Ace Roofing Company before water damage occurs.

Should you have it inspected every three months, six months or one year? In this blog post we will answer this question and provide you with more property management tips.

How Often Do I Need a Rental Home Inspection?

So how often should you schedule a rental home inspection? It depends upon several factors:

If you have crawlspaces or a basement, you might want to invest in a rental home inspection every 2-3 years, or each time your property comes up for re-rental. You may also want to inspect this more frequently if you have older plumbing or wiring, or if your home is in an area with a lot of moisture, an extreme climate, or both. You can even have a plumber conduct an inspection so if your house is overdue an inspection, it might be worth contacting a local plumber.

If your home is newer and was professionally inspected when you bought it, and you don’t have major weather extremes, you can probably get away with a longer inspection cycle, but be cautious.

If your home has never been professionally inspected since you’ve owned it, do it now. You may find that you need to do some dramatic renovations, like installing new windows or reflooring parts of the property. In these instances it’s best to reach out to a local company, such as Graceland Windows Austin for example, to ensure that the works are done correctly.

Another reason to have a rental home inspection is if you are planning a major renovation project anyway. Why? You don’t want to have already committed thousands of dollars to a bathroom remodel only to discover that you need to replace your furnace. Conduct a reconnaissance before you march.

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How often should your Houston TX rental property be inspected?