Houston Texas Single Family Homes

It’s Time for You to Invest in Houston Texas Single Family Homes

If you take a short drive through Houston Texas it’s not hard to miss the construction of apartments and other multi-family buildings around town.

Don’t let the construction of those multi-family homes fool you, there has been a huge increase in the construction of single family homes in Houston Texas and across the United States.

15.1 Million Single Family Homes Built Since 2006

Yes, construction of apartments, town homes and condos has been on the rise in up to 30 of the top apartment markets nationwide, but construction of single family homes has increased as well and as of July 2015 close to 12 percent of housing units nationwide are single family rental homes; that’s one out of every nine homes.

Big Increases over Last 10 Years

Over the last 10 years we’ve seen big increases in the construction of single family homes and to be exact there has been 35% more single family homes built nationwide since the mid 2000’s.

What’s interesting about the increase in single family home construction is that close to 4 million single family homes have become rental homes while just 2.9 million rental units became apartments.

How to Buy Single Family Home Rentals

To get stated with buying Houston Texas Single Family Homes do the following:

  1. Define the type of rental property you want to purchase (IE: 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, garage and yard space) then stick with it.
  2. Know where in Houston you want to purchase a rental property.
  3. Find out who you want to rent you Houston Texas Rental property to. This step is important because each time you have a vacancy you will be able to advertise your rental to the right segment of the rental market.

Get Property Management Here

To get property management for your Houston Texas Single Family Home contact Vestpo Residential Services today by calling us at (832) 498-0016 or click here.

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