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    How To Deal With Hoarding Tenants

    Do you have a hoarding tenant at one or more of your rental properties? You’ve come to the right place! Hoarding is a big problem because not only is it a fire hazard, it can also lead to serious injury or death. Thankfully, dealing with hoarding tenants is no longer difficult especially if you follow these tips. Tips For Dealing With Hoarding Tenants Understand Your Responsibilities In most states, the landlord has a responsibility to provide a habitable dwelling. This duty is often referred to as the “warranty of habitability” and is implied in nearly every standard lease agreement. In exchange, most states require tenants to keep their units “clean…

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    Houston Texas Income Property

    7 Things To Know Before Owning Houston Texas Income Property

    HOUSTON – Your friends, family members and co-workers have all been suggesting that you invest in Houston Texas Income property because it’s a great way to build wealth especially in this day and age where there’s a HUGE demand for rental properties in Houston and across the United States. Although you’re excited about the prospect of investing in Houston Texas Income Property there’s a problem, you don’t know what to expect with being a property owner. In this post we will share with you 7 things to know before owning Houston Texas Income Property. Tip #1 – Think About The Marketability Of The Rental Property Before buying Houston Texas Income…

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    By Vestpro Residential Services HOUSTON – You just purchased a new property and have already started placing ads online to market it for rent in Houston Texas but there’s a problem, nobody has responded to your ads yet or requested applications, and you’re starting to get concerned. Did you purchase the wrong property? No. One of the biggest reasons why people have not taken an interest in your home, condo, single family home or property for rent in Houston Texas is because you may have written the rental ad incorrectly. In today’s post we will share with you 3 tips which you should use to write effective rental property listings…