Will Your Rental Make More Money With A Laundry Room?
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Will Your Rental Make More Money With A Laundry Room?

Thinking about building a laundry room at your rental property? Yes, it’s true that laundry rooms are a good investment to make but before you spend the money it’s important to ask yourself these questions.

Question #1 – Will My Tenants Actually Use This Laundry Facility?

The very first thing you should do before building a laundry room on site at your four-plex, or multi-family unit, is to speak with each of your tenants personally and find out if they would be open to using a laundry room if there was one on site. You might find that it is a welcome addition to your property, since, if they don’t own a washer or dryer you may find that they are probably using an external source – similar to https://bestlaundromatnear.me – which allows them to look for local laundry services in the surrounding areas. However, If the answer is no for building your own laundry room, you can always look into finding commercial laundry services to get professional results when it comes to dealing with your laundry.

You should also ask your tenants where they do their laundry now, and how much they are paying per load, so you have a better idea of what local laundromats are charging in the area.

Question #2 – How Many Washers and Dryers Will I Need?

To avoid overspending on Warmtepompdroger kopen (that’s “purchasing washers”, handy to know if you rent to international tenants), or in English, washers, dryers, and other hardware, you should consider starting small and maybe buying two washers and dryers first.

Also another thing you can do to make adding more washers and dryers in the future easy is to add additional outlets and plumbing to your laundry room when it’s under construction.

Question #3 – What Will Your Laundry Room Hours Be?

As with any laundromat in Houston Texas Rental Property it’s important to have set hours for the laundry room in your Houston Texas Rental Property that way people know when they can use it. This will help to keep noise at a minimum in the evening and insure that all tenants respect the laundry facility. It is also important to consider how you will accept payment for the use of your laundry services. For example, will your tenants and customers need to pay per use or will this be incorporated into their bills automatically? You can learn more about a useful app that can make accepting payments for your laundry services easier here: https://shinepay.co/laundromat.

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